Association Management Software that works exactly how you need.

Upside AMS helps you streamline your processes to meet your policy, bylaw, and regulatory requirements. We help you automate away tedious administrative tasks so you are finally able to focus on the good work that moves your organization forward.

150,000 Registered members
$50 million Collected payments
1.2 million Tracked education hours
30,000 Processed applicants

Why choose Upside AMS?

What sets us apart? Well, we're designed from the ground up to allow each customer to completely customize and extend their implementation. This unique approach to association management software means we end up with much closer relationship as we work together to help you succeed.


Your portal is too important to rely only on self-service implementation and support. We are an invested partner thats works side-by-side with you to ensure your success.

Anything is possible

If you have a new idea, feature, or request then we will enthusiastically respond with "Yes, we can do that!". You will never be limited when using Upside AMS.

Unlimited everything

You get an all-inclusive price and will not be restricted or charged for growing or using more. There is no limit to things like staff accounts, members, contacts, or emails sent.

What features does Upside AMS have?

Out of the box we support the most popular features needed for your membership. Of course, no two organizations are exactly alike, so during implementation any feature can be customized to exactly meet your requirements.

If you don't see a feature you need, we'll build it for you.

Member databases

Member relationship management database to track demographics, activity, statuses, payments, history, and more. All data is searchable and exportable.

Member portals

Empower members to sign in and manage their personal information, submit payments, request changes to their status, and securely download files.

Association websites

Communicate with members and the public with a professional, easy-to-update website that is fully integrated with your member database and portal.

Secure online payments

Allow members to pay securely online with funds going directly to your bank account. Optionally allow for payment by cheque or e-transfer.

Applications to join or reclassify

Users can apply online (for simple or complex applicant workflows) including steps like: file uploads, references, payments, committee reviews, missing information, and approvals.

Applications to change status

Members can submit change of status applications from their member portal: go on leave, reinstate, resign, etc. Automatically handles policies like limited time windows and required status.

Dues and fees

Automatically generate and charge the correct annual and prorated dues for your members, including the occassional frustratingly complex statuses and member history combinations.

Continuing education

Track professional development activities and statements, calculate credits earned per activity and category, enforce required scores year over year.

Audits and reviews

Randomly select members for simple or complex audits, assign audit reviewers to approve the submission. Audits automatically integrate with the members' continuing education information.

Committees and volunteers

Create and track committees (e.g. discipline, events, sponsorship) or less formal volunteer groups. Members can securely share files and coordinate efforts from their member portal.

Online elections and polls

Run safe and secure member-only elections, or invite users to complete less formal online surveys and polls. Restrict voting to the correct kinds of members and give them anonymous ballots.

Event registration

Manage your events, tickets, add-ons, and registrations all from inside your member portal. Enable group buys and capacity or membership status restrictions.

Learning management system (LMS)

Create courses or exams that are required, or are optional for continuing education. Include courses in your applicant or annual renewal process as required steps so users cannot move forward until they complete the course.

Member directory

Display members who are in good standing on a public directory, or create a directory for suppliers and associate members. Ensure your directory includes all mandatory or regulated information about your membership.

Job board

Allow some users to post classified ads for jobs, volunteer opportunities, or equipment. Optionally collect payment and set automatic removal dates.

Advanced reporting

Our built-in report builder allows you to drill down your data with advanced reports. Schedule email notifications to members that pop up in a query, or export everything to Excel.

Digital documents

Dynamically generate PDFs for things like membership cards, digital stamps, and course certificates. Track when each has been downloaded and optionally charge for a re-issued document.

Internship programs

Assign, track, and support interns as they work through the process towards certification. Pair your interns with an experienced member who can provide guidance.

Use your language

Change any label or text to match the language of your bylaws and industry, so that there's never any confusion.


Send unlimited scheduled and triggered notifications to members, applicants, references, and administrators. See the full history of communication to each user.

Custom integrations

Add an integration for any third party service, and make it work seemlessly with your member portal or database.

Fully managed cloud hosting

We provide fully managed servers, database backups, error tracking, uptime monitoring, SSL monitoring, and more.

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Who is Upside AMS made for?

Any organization that wants to improve how they operate, empower their staff, and delight their membership is a perfect fit for Upside AMS. Some of the industries that have success on Upside AMS are:

Regulatory associations and colleges

You credential and regulate your membership, for the public good. We help you simplify and automate this responsibility.

Professional associations

You are an organization intended to represent your profession, region, or industry. We help you engage the public and streamline your membership processes.

Member-based organizations

You provide benefits, education, and networking to your members across professions and industries. We help you focus on your purpose instead of your administration.

Trade associations

You align a regional industry towards the goals of your membership. We help you coordinate the voice of your membership.

Association management compananies

You administer multiple organizations. We help you automate, streamline, and simplify your processes across clients.

What's the process?

First and foremost, we need to book a chat to ensure that we're a fit for one another. After this conversation we'll send you a proposal that covers all aspects of getting up and running on Upside AMS, including the cost and the schedule. The process breaks down into four services:

1. Discover

You give us everything and we sift through it. Documents we need include bylaws, application forms, reclassification forms, standardized letters, internal policy documents, and spreadsheets. Our goal is to understand exactly how your organization works so we give you a best-fit in Upside AMS. Starting at $5,000.

2. Implement

This is where we get to work! We take all the knowledge shared during discovery and bring your association to life on Upside AMS. You test and approve all functionality, making changes from your feedback as required, before receiving training. Once launched we introduce your members to your new platform. Starting at $10,000.

3. Support

Once launched, you can reach us by email, zoom, or phone to get whatever help you need. In the background, we look after all of the day-to-day needs to keep your implementation of Upside AMS working grea including things like backups, security patches, and error fixing. Starting at $800/mo.

4. Improve

As you use Upside AMS you'll unlock it's potential and come up with new ideas about how it can be improved for your organization. Great! We work together to continually improve how you and your membership use the platform.

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